Protecting and growing your wealth

Southernhay Financial Planning provide a comprehensive range of financial planning and support to clients from all walks of life including senior executives and professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs and clients approaching and in retirement. We specialise in pension and investment planning, no matter how complex your circumstances may be. We deliver a cohesive strategy that incorporates all aspects of your life with services tailored to your specific requirements.

The key services at Southernhay





How much is enough?

It would be nice to know how much money you need to retire, semi-retire or simply achieve financial independence. You may even have an idea yourself but would like an expert to confirm if you are on the right track and to ensure you haven’t missed anything. We can not only do these calculations for you, but we can also provide you smart strategies that may:

  • Bring forward the date
  • Change your view of what a move to retirement looks like
  • Give you the confidence to re-negotiate your contracts at work, extending or improving your working life (if that is what you want)

“Everyone has a number. Each individual is unique and the number will differ depending on lifestyle, dreams or ambitions. Our job is to help clients to find their number then create a strategic plan to ensure that they achieve it”. Richard Wheeler, Director

Working with your other advisers

If you already have other professional advisers in place, it is essential that your financial adviser is able to fit in and work with them effectively. We have a great deal of experience working with other professional advisers including accountants, lawyers and corporate financiers.

The Southernhay Financial Planning professional network

If you ever require another professional to deal with a specific issue, we have an extensive and trusted network of contacts we can connect you to. Members of our professional network have been selected for their complimentary skills and expertise. With our guidance they will work together seamlessly to manage all aspects of your affairs.

“We realise that your financials concerns cannot be dealt with in isolation, that’s why we’ve assembled an expert team of professional advisers to provide guidance on all aspects of your affairs”. Richard Wheeler, Director

Dealing with broader family financial issues

We understand the issues that may potentially affect you, both personally and professionally. We also understand that sometimes members of your family may face challenges that you would like to help them through. These could include:

    • Paying for education for children or grandchildren
    • Help with property purchase or debt reduction for your children
    • Care home funding for your parents
    • Gifting money safely, down through the generations.

We provide advice on each of these matters as part of our advisory service. Further aspects of this service are described below:

Retirement Planning and pensions advice

Pensions are extremely tax effective but, unfortunately, they can also be very complicated and confusing. We can guide you through the pensions minefield, however complex, keeping it clear and simple at the same time.

Tax mitigation and planning

Every bit of tax saved goes straight into your pocket. Some smart tax planning can make your money last longer and provide you with more options.

Income management and strategies

We make sure that your income is stable and secure regardless of what is happening in the world. Our goal is to create a strategy to ensure that your money lasts as long as you do. Clients tell us that this is one of the most reassuring aspects of working with us.

Inheritance tax and Estate Planning and protecting your assets

When it comes to estate planning you want to ensure the right funds end up in the right hands at the right time, without paying unnecessary amounts in tax. Drawing upon our years of experience and trusted network we can deal with your estate planning and IHT issues in a way that meets your exact requirements.


When it comes to investing, nothing will pay
off more than educating yourself.
Do the necessary research, study and
analysis before making any investment decisions.

Benjamin Franklin